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I am very attracted to things that I cannot define.

f(x) Red Light Era ➳ 140703 - 140720

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters.” 

Every episode of Jessica and Krystal
me: ugh why are you so pretty
me: ooooh fooood
me: omg soojung's hair porn
me: soojung is such a weird child
me: poor bbs they must be tired
me: yes. of course. of course they're eating again
me: soojung pls stop
me: soojung you are so fucking weird i love you
Krystal in the ‘140719 Music Core Red Light’ performance
↳ requested by shawolastic


Seriously, how can normal people converse with Soojung?

leaves fall like hopes do

110/ ambro gifs- being friends with GOT7’s foreign line

oww is so cute 

Anonymous said: if baekhyun is your baby, i guess you can say he's you BAEby HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHHAHA

a-NO-n pls lamE. HAHAHAHAH

I’ve thought of that before too!! but to me there’s this stark difference between bby and baby idk??
bby: what you call the idiots who ruin you with their perfection/retarded poops you call friends
baby: your child??

nO i can’t think of him as my baby nope BUT HE’S MY BAE.